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AX2000 system

The AX2000 system design proceeds and the first components are already available! The complete system will be available to the users on the end of year 2000. The main characteristics of this system are:
Advanced axis control system, based on a communication board inside the PC (IntPci) connected to external modules via a high speed optical fiber. The external modules will contain the necessary interface electronics.
PCI format PC board, connected to the remote system through optical fiber for the axis control subsystems and through double CAN bus to slower peripherals.
Possibility to connect and mix subsystems without configuration limits up to 20 controlled axes and thousands of digital and analog IOs.
External modules easy mountable on DIN rails and connected with removable terminal block for the best mounting and maintenance access.
Plug & play subsystems without jumpers or configuration switches. Every setup and diagnostic can be done remotely from the PC. Local diagnostic indicators allow easy checks in case of communication failure.
Complete modules traceability. Every board will have a minimum of 16 bit series number software readable, to easy every aspect of set up and maintenance. Additional information like type of board and options are also software readable.
Control and configuration software under windows NT/2000 and Linux.

PCI-CAN board

The PCI-CAN board is a depopulated version of the IntPci interface without high speed fiber channel. The main characteristics of this board will be:
Dual CAN controller with isolated CAN drivers.
PCI format PC board, with complete Plug & play support.
Control and configuration software under windows NT/2000 and Linux.